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09 May 2020

The Giro d’Italia

Today is the day the 103rd edition of the Giro d’Italia should have taken place from Budapest to Milan. We still do not know if the race has simply been postponed to October or cancelled. What we do know is that from the moment the Giro starts again, we will homage the 1946 edition. It was a special race, the most important among all the editions to this day. That race united the country after World War II, an absurd war wanted by a blind and murderous regime which sided with the Nazis: Bartali won, ahead of Fausto Coppi by a smattering of seconds. It went down in history, a race which wanted reconstruction at all costs. It wanted to forget the rubble, blood, violence, the shame of the Italian Racial Laws and two decades of stripped rights. A race which traced the Italy of the future thanks to its tired and malnourished cyclists, wanting to cross the finish line and kick out fear and pain out of the country. The next race, and we know there will be one, has to be the same, because this tenacity and will to overcome everything flows in a cyclist’s veins.