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12 May 2020

Sassicaia 1985

Marquess Incisa della Rocchetta is passionate about wine, and an oenologist with a keen understanding of Bordeaux wines. Originally from Piedmont, he marries a dame from Tuscany with land to her name in Bolgheri, a peaceful location surrounded by cypresses the likes Carducci homages in his work. They soon move down here and the Marquess quickly catches on to the fact that Bolgheri and Bordeaux have something in common: wine. Why not plant some Cabernet in the Maremma region and see what comes of it? With the help of oenologist Giacomo Tachis, he starts producing Boudreaux after the end of the war, a classic table wine which will hold the primate for twenty years. A Tuscan wine – but not a Sangiovese? How extravagant! The Marquess’ friends are in awe and, with a nose for these things, convince him to expand his horizons. In 1968, as the world tumbles into chaos, the Sassicaia makes its debut and becomes a roaring success. Another twenty years go by, and the Marquess receives an invite for a blind tasting in Graves, a stronghold of everything Bordeaux. A well-known American critic is among the judges assessing the quality of the numerous labels.After tasting a 1985 Sassicaia, the critic declares: “This is not a Tuscany wine, this is a Super Tuscany Wine!”. And since then, the legend that is the Sassicaia has never dimmed.

P.s. our hotel’s cellar boasts a Sassicaia shrine… including that particular vintage. Pilgrims and neophytes alike, come and toast to this great wine!

Michele, Head Sommelier