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07 May 2020

Princess Dolasilla

Dolasilla is the name of a beautiful princess, daughter of the King of Fanes. She is one of the main characters of Ladin mythology, a pantheon of kings, queens, princesses, enchanted places, sly characters and legends which exist to this very day. Dolasilla is beautiful as well as compassionate, adventurous, and tries to be fair in a world where justice, starting with her father, the King, is often unfair – even below the beautiful spires of the Dolomites. After all, every story has its challenges to overcome. Legend has it that the forest’s dwarves, who lived next to the mines in Canazei, gifted her a white sparkling fur coat as a sign of gratitude for her kindness, and told her she would become an unbeatable warrior if she used the mantle as armour. Why did they show her such gratitude in the first place? Her father, scoundrel that he was, a power-hungry king, was always looking for gold, silver, and precious metals extracted by the forest dwarves in the mines up and down today’s Val di Fassa. He tricked the dwarves and used their riches to live a good life. Dolasilla, her heart of gold, returns the goods to the dwarves who reward her for her kindness. Her father, sly but not all too smart – just like certain people today – tries to leverage his daughter’s invincibility to conquer all the Dolomites. If we’ve tickled your curiosity, the go-to book for more is ‘The Dolomites and their legends’ written by Karl Felix Wolf.

Enjoy our legends, a treat for you, your other half, your children and grandchildren. And, to be fair, Dolasilla is a great role model to have!