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21 May 2020

Our vegetable garden

A vegetable garden is a sight for sore eyes and you can find one right behind our hotel. A wooden fence outlines its perimeter and, as we walk towards it, we are filled with a sense of peace, lightness, and wholesomeness. The sight of it is pure bliss, a balm for body and soul. The vegetable garden is our link to the earth, regardless of the weather or season, when nowadays this link is often interrupted. Revel in the peace and quiet and the slow unfurling of leaves and stalks from the clod of earth. We invest valuable time in our garden: its growth suggests changing the course of an economy which is destroying our planet is possible. The same applies to concepts such as growing our own food, avoiding waste, polluting less. Looks as though food is not the only thing you can grow in a vegetable garden.

Anni and Stefan, keepers of the hotel’s vegetable garden