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Every day a new story
01 May 2021

Every cloud has a silver lining

International Worker’s Day has been celebrated for more than a century. An American invention, it was created to celebrate the achievement of an 8-hour working day. Fast-forward just a few decades and this ‘day off’ was celebrated in Canada, Europe, and Australia. Today, the event has an even more important role because work in general during Covid-19 has taken a serious hit. The health emergency we are experiencing is shaking the entire world to its core. We are experiencing a period where an appeal to everyone’s responsibility and civic duty comes first: from government representatives to individual companies, from families to even younger generations. Resilience, team spirit, and an altruistic spirit are required to rise from one of the most complicated chapters of contemporary history. In other words, solidarity and new ideas – because divisions and short-sightedness are not welcome. Let us celebrate and imagine the future, for every cloud has a silver lining.