This is not a cliché.

10 July 2019

An aperitif in the tree house. How splendid!

Just imagine being up in the tree house in the garden with someone you hold dear. Imagine the gentle breeze and the ripple of the leaves. Imagine to be suspended in a wonderful world, a world of play, surprise, and amazement. A romantic or adventure film is sure to come to mind, or perhaps Johnny Weissmuller’s Tarzan appears from among the trees. Whatever passes through your mind, you are sure to enjoy the a bottle of champagne, no less than a Bruno Paillard Premier Cuvee, presented with delicious snacks to celebrate the occasion. This a moment when imagination really can become sweet reality!

The tree house aperitif can be booked every day and is for two persons only. The cost is Euro 150.


Giulia Vazzoler
A waterfall of music at the Bistrot Music Club