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14 January 2020

An athlete worth her salt

Verena loves sport and nature with all her heart. Try keeping up with her as she skies up and down the snowy summits during the Plose Ski Uphill Night, one of the toughest Alpine skiing races on our mountains. Mission impossible: if she does not rank first, you can bet she will be on the podium in any case. Try keeping up with her on the bike. Tell you what, forget it, it is a lost battle. And as if that were not enough, she is also a swimming instructor at La Villa. Between a swim, a bike ride, a mountain excursion and a ski she also became mother of two little girls. She has been working at the hotel for nearly 10 years now, and is in charge of administration, financing, and keeps an eye on budgets and investments. She is our Financial Controller; we would be lost without her. And being lost is never a good sign for people living in the mountains.

Giulan Verena.