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10 January 2021

Zen-like childhood

During childhood we are in that state which the orientals refer to as Zen: knowledge of the reality surrounding us comes instinctively through the activity which the adults refer to as ‘play’. All of our sensory receptors are open to receive data: looking, touching, tasting, experiencing cold and heat, understanding of heavy and light, of soft and hard, of smooth and rough, of colour and shape, of light and dark, of noise and silence. All is new, all is to memorise, and the role of play favours the memorisation of all. Childhood is a time of tenderness and to observe it from afar warms one’e heart.

Mathias and Michil Costa, winter babes at play

P. S. And then one becomes an adult, becomes part of society, one by one the sensorial receptors close down, we learn little new, we use only our reason and the word itself and we ask ourselves: how much does it cost? What can it be used for? How much can it produce?