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12 January 2021

The knot of infinity

The Dolomites. Tibet. There is a tie between the different worlds which go to make up the one single world, and it is a lot deeper than one might imagine. Even if today the tendency is to rebuild again the walls of a solitary egoism, there remains an uninterrupted fluid of positivity which overcomes whatever barrier and has a definite presence. It is with this in mind that we have chosen as a logo for our Foundation the knot of infinity of Tibetan Buddhism which symbolises the promise. – the unity between compassion and endless wisdom i.e. that which is without beginning and without end. We are persons, we are custodians of values and aspirations which go beyond institutions, rules, and our places of origin, even if they are indicative of our roots, and because we are human beings no matter where we are. We are nature and conscience. We are like threads interconnected between each other, and according to a typically Buddhist vision, these threads indicate that the whole conscience of the Universe is connected, and that therefore we are all one. We are therefore all connected, not because we navigate in internet and we interact on social media, but because we are simply persons belonging to a single world, even if it does not seem so given developments of late.