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01 January 2019

Happy 2019 to you!

The party is over, the music silenced. Guests are either sleeping or attempting to bring together those small precious segments which make of our life a vital force. Yes, the 1st of January is a morning when it seems that the world remains to be discovered. We, as its occupants, are a little vagabond-like, setting off on a journey of exploration. The occasional figure is, however, already at work: the fragments of the night are to be collected, as if they were the shattered pieces of our daily lives. On reflection it had been a fine festive occasion, and as with all fun parties there is now a rather empty sensation, that is until the next celebration comes along.

Happy 2019 to one and all and a wish that this world of ours returns again to a more noble rotation. A wish, a blessing, a commitment which regards each and every individual.


Roberto Tubaro & Niccolò Zanella
at Bistrot Live Club.
Let's get it on!