This is not a cliché.

28 January 2019

Dear guest

Dear guest, I'm writing you.

As I have a moment or two free from my daily routine, I take the opportunity to write you a few lines. Things have changed a little since you were last here! Television is talking about all the changes that will take place in the New Year and we are anxiously waiting on these transformations: Christmas will be celebrated three times a year, every day will be a holiday day, whichever Christ you believe in will come down from the cross, birds shall return in their thousands, there will be plentiful to eat for all, light will shine all year around, and the dumb will regain their voice. Lovemaking will be at your choice, and even the priests will be allowed to marry once they have reached a certain age, and we hope too that the foolish, deceitful and cunning, whatever age they might be, shall disappear. So, you see dear guest, in the little downtime we have, it is important to fantasise and invent, to relieve the monotony and free us the ills of this world, and to continue to hope in a better future. This new year of ours is about to move forward quickly and in a year it will already have passed us by!!

P.S. the words in the songs of Lucio Dalla are always an inspiration to us