This is not a cliché.

Every day a new story
26 June 2020

We are back:
1957 or 2020,
somethings never change

Taking care of people, regardless if they are guests or collaborators. Taking care of everything else, valuing it, not wasting and consuming it. Hospitality, after all, is all about having an open mind and a keen eye for detail. Hospitality is a lifestyle, an inclination, a feeling. It generates positive energy, openness which modifies the grey outlines of our world and adds a splash of colourful consideration, reciprocity, and openness to listen. Hospitality is a flow of vitality, one which has never stopped thanks to people like Anni and Ernesto, rushing through the decades, a stream where farsightedness, determination, and love abound. These recent troubling times have slowed its course, but now it is ready to flow with renewed strength.

We reopen the hotel today – with the hope of a peaceful and positive season. The same peace and positivity that have always made Anni and Ernesto stand out, opening the hotel for the new season for more than sixty years with that positive energy which turns into one word: hospitality. Giulian – thank you.