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09 June 2020

Our Queen, the Marmolada

The Marmolada: there she is! Always looking at us and accompanying us and all you have to do to join her is ascent to her summit. Her grace, elegance, majestic power, she smiles and greets us. Despite having been subjected to several wrongs inflicted by mankind – even going as far as building a city below her ice-capped summit to wage war – she still welcomes us, sharing her delight in the wonder that is nature. An ice-cap which suffers more than ever, knowing it will soon be extinct. And yet the highest mountain in the Dolomites, even if she is not made of dolomitic rock, still has plenty to say. All we have to do is listen to her voice, a soft song which rises from her depths, a lullaby without lyrics, a love song which conjures images of the land and sun: nature at its very best.