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08 June 2020

Mountains: a lifelong companion

Sweet Mountains—Ye tell Me no lie—
Never deny Me—Never fly—
Those same unvarying Eyes
Turn on Me—when I fail—or feign,
Or take the Royal names in vain—
Their far—slow—Violet Gaze—

Emily Dickinson spent most of her life closed in her room within her father’s home, an isolation which did not impair her lyrics steeped in wonder. Here, her great love for nature comes to the fore and is described in detail. From trees to birds, snow to water, her poems contain all the seasons observed from her small window onto the world. And mountains, too. Mountains are her lifelong companion. They sit there, immobile, looking on as life passes by, a constant point of reference, both for when things go well and for when one is drowning in desperation.