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29 June 2020

Biraria L’Murin,
around the world in 30 beers

Top left: you will see the Rochefort 8, a Trappist beer which is superbly aromatised. Mahogany in colour, the Rochefort 8 releases delicate and balanced cocoa notes. It is bitter at first, then sweet, and sampling the beer is an absolute treat, a delectable experience thanks to its smooth caramel and chocolate notes. The candied sugar is added before bottling to create a secondary fermentation. This beer improves over the course of time.

And right below it is the beautiful and foamy Deus Brut des Flandres, a veritable explosion of flavour and aromas. It is a rare and little-known product, the ‘Brutes’ beers are normally typical Belgian products that are halfway between an aperitif and an actual beer. Actually, they are produced in conformity with Belgian brewing processes and are then transferred and treated in France in compliance with champagne-making techniques. That is why every bottle of this beer is the result of a month-long process combining the best elements of two production methods.

Last but not least, to the right we have Monpiër de Gherdëina, a Ladin beer from Val Gardena which can hold its own when set against some of the most famous artisan breweries in northern Europe.

Our Biraria features more than 30 selected labels, all chosen with utmost care: only artisan and high-quality beers that take you on a journey while sitting comfortably at one of our tables. A restaurant-cum-brewery like no other, the perfect place to while the hours away sipping a beer and playing darts inside or while enjoying the sight and live music in the garden – all accompanied by delicious meals or tasty finger food.