This is not a cliché.

Every day a new story
12 June 2019

Tomorrow is the day we have been looking forward to.

We do not have customers but guests, and as guests we consider them unique. The definition is important for us. So, dear guest, we wish you to know that we want to try and give more than you expect. Not just for the sake of pleasure, but because we believe, from the first to the last, in the value of a job well done, which can bring satisfaction and gratification to you as to us. To feel that you have done a good job, that you have done your best, that you have studied in depth is a source of joy, and not just an end in itself. It is a feeling whereby you feel full, steady, safe, well disposed towards each other. And of that, dear guest, you will realise yourself. There is one consideration we wish to add. The value of work requires respect. From one and all, without exception. Tomorrow we open the hotel doors again, and we are happy that you, dear guest, can enjoy a season as beautiful as summer.
May the long days full of light bring you joy, serenity and the desire to live life to the full. We look forward to welcoming you.