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09 June 2019

The eggs are too sweet? What can I say, they are Easter eggs after all?

I worked in this hotel for more than 30 years. I started with the breakfasts and ended in the evening, giving a helping hand to the young ones as they ran back and forth through Les Stües. With my Ischian accent, that is to say I am from Ischia, an island in the heart of the Mediterranean, I was able to make myself understood by everyone. After all, we seafarers know the language of the stars and between a gesture, a smile and a joke we can even get by with the Eskimos. I loved my years in the hotel and I know that those in the hotel appreciated me too, and that despite my complaining and my mumbling. And then again, if something occasionally went wrong, and sometimes it happened, I liked to resolve the situation with a touch of laughter, like the great Totò did: "Dear guest, do you find that the eggs are too sweet? What can I say? They're Easter eggs you know."
I send a warm greeting to that place up north, just below the mountains. Now that I am sitting on the rocks of the sea, fishing in peace, how many memories emerge from the water, along with a fish now and then. It is beautiful to catch both the memories and the fish, and throw them back more beautiful than ever into the sea water of life.