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20 June 2019

Flower power

If there is one thing you know you will see when arriving in South Tyrol it is that every balcony you see will be in pristine condition and decorated with flowers arranged in a very systematic and beautiful way. It is as if there is a moral obligation to take care of one’s balcony and be part of the community, to conform and do the whole village proud. And we could go on and talk about the window boxes, lawns and verges which are all immaculate too. Hotel La Perla’s fortune is that we have Stefan here with us and he takes amazingly good care of the flowers – arranging, watering, and generally giving them the tender affection they require. We all seem to respect the importance of the decoration without there being any warning notices displayed and would not dare spoil or trespass. Stefan’s trick is that he knows the art of flower arrangement so well that it is a real pleasure to stand and admire and take in the aromas which drift pleasantly across. Bravo Stefan – this place would not be the same without you!