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15 June 2019

Dolomites Bike Day

All is ready. Tomorrow, the three pass roads passing between Alta Badia and Veneto, through Valparola, Falzarego and Campolongo, will be closed to motorised traffic from 9am to 3pm. Only racing bicycles, mountain bikes, e-bikes, tandems, vintage bicycles and bicycles with baby carriers can enjoy the heavenly journey. This is the Dolomites Bike Day, the first in a series of important events dedicated to cyclists. We would like to see more of them, that in summer at certain times of the day the roads be closed to traffic, that there be greater attention to the protection of our natural heritage, that this area - blessed by someone up there in the sky - be less consumed and lived with more foresight.
Ps. The event is free and non-competitive, the distance in its entirety is 51 kilometres, and we recommend all our cycling friends to pedal in an anticlockwise direction and, of course, to always keep well to the right. Happy cycling to you all!