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30 June 2019

A unique microcosm

The Dolomites are a unique microcosm. Some philosophers argue that it is with uniqueness that the possibility of beauty begins. So, being unique, the Dolomites are beautiful. So much so that they turn a small fragment of the world into something immense. It is no coincidence that they have become a World Heritage Site.
The Dolomites oblige us, without any hesitation, to take note of an irrefutable truth: beauty exists. Beauty, after all, is in all things, you just have to know how to recognise it. Beauty is the centre of our lives, but it is not made in our image and likeness as we presumptuously would like to believe.
Our presumption, or greed, or lust for power, deludes us that we can take possession of beauty. And from this illusion comes another one: being masters of beauty makes us believe that we are masters of ourselves.
Illusion and presumption go hand in hand with the conviction to consider ourselves as beautiful as these mountains made of spires, rocky clusters, sloping spurs, serrated profiles. And we want to be masters of it. But beauty goes beyond ourselves and is confused with the clouds surrounding the peaks, with the sun that makes them shine, with the snow that covers them with white. Here, as with any other form of beauty, there is no need for masters. Rather, we would need human beings capable of sharing beauty. Human beings capable of preserving an identity built over the centuries and handed down through traditions and a sense of harmony that is associated with a fairy tale. Something to do with Ladin spirit, it becoming hospitable when respect is in force, bowing to the mountains, and redimensioning the ego's hypertrophy.
Sweetness and severity, grandeur and elegance, majesty and beauty: places that have to do with the sublime are now rare. The Dolomites are among them. Protecting them, more than a duty, is a necessity in the world of today.