This is not a cliché.

02 February 2019

The morning starts with breakfast

Yes, pure joy. An explosion of goodness concentrated in a small garnished sphere which every morning finds its way to your table, as if it were a jewel fitting the occasion ever so well. The serving itself is an art and a question of class, and the laying of the warm plate on the table signals moments of pleasure to come. The moment is critical, so as to start the day in the best possible of ways, and to take the time you need to enjoy to the full. There are those who close their eyes for a moment or two, cast a glance to the mountains, before indulging in the pleasure of their dish. The first cut is the most important, a good and clean decisive cut so as to penetrate clean through the small Krapfen. You can be certain that there is a smile on the face of the guest, a spontaneous and instantaneous joy in sampling this delight, a delight which will last long in the day and slowly transform itself in a lasting memory. Yes, these small Krapfen of La Perla are beyond compare and a big thank you goes to those who make them on a daily basis for us.

P.S. Breakfast is served from 7.00 a.m. to 10.30 a.m., and naturally enough you will find more than these small Krapfen. :)


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