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26 February 2019

Talking of responsibility

A sense of responsibility is like a long path which leads to a peak far far away. At times we lose our way and blame our error on others. We walk along this path every day. To find a companion along the way can help our journey: less likelihood of getting lost, a way to create awareness of our limit and our choices. Often it is that taking on responsibility is an act of responsibility itself. Learning to walk alone is also part of life’s path. There is very much a difference between solitude and a solitary manner. Behaving in a solitary manner is a choice which will inevitably bring he protagonist closer to others.
Our wellbeing, that is little more than a sense of being at ease with ourselves and with others, is an act of responsibility. It is an act of conscience, an act of opening up. The responsible person has no need of scapegoats and is easily able to recognise the reality of things. On the long path of responsibility one ois waking not only for oneself but also for others. Every action we take is connected in some way or the other. Being responsible is a synonym for being lawful and having courage, it is the capacity to recognise a mistake and to ask for help, it is the will to be enthusiastically at the service of others. To know how to give up something and how to look forward to something are indicators of responsibility. Fog may at times cloud the path, and yet the responsible person knows that beyond the clouds, high on up, there is always serenity.

Nicolò, Director of hospitality


Andrea Perotto
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