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25 February 2019

Skiing of a night

During the night, silence is an even stronger sound! It even muffles the noise of skis passing over the snow. It is a silence which covers all, wraps an invisible blanket around nature and protects the earth. Animals stare at you but without being seen. The leaves on the trees repose and seem to take on a dark shade. Patches of dark are as dark as can be. It is a strange sensation indeed to ski on slopes of a nightime, slopes which are usually illuminated by the light of the day. Rather than being skiers we take on our animal cloak. We scrutise all, we sniff the dark and all our senses are hyperactive, switched full on as if they were shining lamps. It is as if we are in some sort of vortex, sinking slowly into the bowels of Mother Earth. Obscurity is a cold reality, the shadows enjoy their sleep. We set out with a fading sun and now we find ourselves in a night of great lucidity. It is certain that in the dark of the night are innermost secrets will be revealed. Across this white blanket of cloud we glide, searching desperately to make sense of all around. The houses, the bell- towers, the hotels, the meadows dressed in what seems a white cotton, know well the scene and they are calm to wait for the light of another day, a calm and peace which to we humans is yet unknown. This sense of calmness we perceive is something very much alive and to appreciate, and is an expression of life itself, a life which never really sleeps at all.


Laura Wielleit & Hubert Dorigatti
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