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16 February 2021

Mind your head

What you see in the photo is the entrance to La Stüa de Michil, our gourmet restaurant, the address of which is not really 109 San Martino but 105 Col Alt in Corvara. As always, it was Ernesto, he a constant ferment of ideas, who years ago was able to save this doorway from the rubbish heap and to think of a much better use for it. In the boom and post-boom years in the Dolomites it was normal to want to get rid of everything which seemed old and no longer of decent taste. Ernesto, who has always had a glint in his eye an eye for the future, thought differently and would drive around the valleys trying to ensure that vital pieces associated with the Ladin heritage did not finish chopped up on the fire. Such was the case with this old doorway, he saving it from ending up on the fire. Thankfully he was successful in his operation, and here today we have it in all its splendour at the entrance to La Stüa de Michil restaurant, a reminder of a rich Ladin past and one which never ceases to surprise us. Thank you Ernesto, for your humour and intuition has resulted in we having a very intriguing restaurant entrance.