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11 February 2021

Meditating about wine

Wine is a liquid which has something of the narrative about it as well. Who is able to read and interpret it well is able to travel far in time and space. Wine has a formula of its own, a key to unlock, a prophesy to behold, a message which can change depending on the hour of the day or night. In the dark, wine puts you in connection with the starry skies, in the light of day with the soil of the earth. It is a question of highs and lows. Down below there is the almost contorted stem of the vine, roots spreading in weird manner and which even the hares are wary of. Up on high there is the splendor of the leaves caressing the fruit itself as they bask in the sunshine. When I take a bottle in hand, a certain calm, a calm composure is my gift, as if I am enthrallingly wrapped in a woolen shawl. I know that the liquid within the bottle has the power to transform itself in something very real, and once poured the elixir will fill me with the most brilliant sensations.

Michele, Sommelier di Casa