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16 February 2019

A really splendid day

Have you seen how nice it is outside?
Are you joking?
No, I’m serious.
All I can see is a mountain of onions to peel.
Come on, stop feeling sorry for yourself.
I just saw your girlfriend out on her skis.
Come off it. You know she lives in Sardinia.
She was doing water-skiing!
In that case I can say I saw your girl with Mary Poppins.
Hope she had her umbrella with her!
Sure, and as she was flying by she sang about what a wonderful day it is.
Why don’t we sing about what we are doing then?
Sure, sure. How about this ‘Onions and onions more, enough to make me cry’.


Helga Plankesteiner & Revensch
Class meets the Bistrot Club!