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03 December 2019

What is there

One hundred and thirty kilometres of interconnected runs, the district of the Dolomites, the only one of its kind in the world. Skiers come and go. They move up and down thanks to their efficient tools. Everything runs to perfection: skiing is crucial for those who live in the Alpine valleys. It is an essential resource. Everything is magnificent, especially when the sun rises and colours the immaculate clouds in pink. A whirlwind, a merry-go-round, an earthly paradise. The lodges provide delicious meals. The snowcats put everything back together at night and the hoteliers have a mountain of things to do. Ski instructors teach the youngest while others adventure off piste and fearlessly face steep and narrow avalanche chutes. If there is no snow, it gets shot up where it needs to go, no problem. But, sometimes, the yeti appears and that snow monster announces that everything has limits and, if you abuse nature’s gifts, things could get dangerous. We need to slow down, use what we have and make do with what is there. This is no longer just necessary, it is vital.