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15 December 2018

The warmth of the stube

The warmth of the stube. After the snow has fallen, after we have ventured out, there is nothing which evokes he winter feel and the harmony it brings than the warmth of the stube radiating heat and creating the ambience of a small home in a small village in a mountain retreat. And if for good affect the intimate clothes of time ago are laid out all the better is our mood. How alluring and soft and inviting are these handmade linens. Just their presence takes us back in time and demands of us to imagine how life was back then. There is a certain calm and serenity about it all and if we are to be true there is a certain sense of intimacy alive within us to, for nothing arouses and stimulates like a warm and cozy ambience after the cold and fairylike scene which nature has gifted us. Many more of these times we dearly wish for.