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07 December 2018

The Bistro: Let the music play

In the past the Bistro was the home to many sounds. Guests of old will remember only too well. What evenings they were and what fun was had. Once it was home to the mythical Club 44, and something of those times we will slowly bring back to life. Musicians and disc jockeys have alternated over recent years and now we have decided that we wish to change things a little and make the Bistro a place where good and even great live music is played again. We will organise many concert type programmes to celebrate blues, rock, jazz, funk so as to entertain and fascinate our house guests, and also others who like the idea of enjoying a long drink or two in good company. We are going to start with Leroy Emmanuel, he also known as International Soul-Brother, and recognised as one of the most acclaimed funk-american soul guitarists. Born and grown up in the best of the black-music traditions, his career developed in the mythical Motown scene of Detroit, accompanying artists such as Marvin Gaye, Ike and Tina Turner, John Lee Hooker, Dionne Warwick, James Brown, George Clinton, the Temptations and many others. Today his expertise is no less, as he moves between blues, soul and funk, involving his audiences in a real entertaining and vibrant musical celebration. Bistro music live: let’s get it on!

Line up for Friday, 7 and Saturday, 8 & 15 December:

Leroy Emmanuel – vocals, guitar

Gianpaolo Rinaldi – piano

Simone Serafini – base

Vincenzo Barattin – drums

The evenings will be performed in two sessions and are free of any charge: aperitif from 19.15 to 20.00; after dinner from 21.15 to 23.00. To see the calendar of all the programmed concerts just click here. Happy times and good vibrations!


Leroy Emmanuel, the Soul-Brother at Bistrot Live Club.
Let’s get it on!