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12 December 2018

Cocktails and cufflinks

Good evening Stefano, could you kindly prepare me one of your sublime cocktails?

Certainly Signor Costa, How about a Boulevardier, a cocktail dating back to 1927 as a variant on Negroni? The recipe provides for the use of bourbon whisky instead of gin, with Campari bitter and red vermouth.

By the way, I like the cufflinks you are wearing this evening.

Ah, you like them, do you? I’ve had them since I was young. Would you like to try them on?

But no, what do you mean?

Take yours off and put these on. I want to see how they look.

I’ll just try them. They are just the job for a top barman. A touch of class and a drop of irony mixed together, just like good cocktail!

You are right. They look really good. Keep them on.

But no Signor Costa, I couldn’t possibly.

What couldn’t you do? Please consider them as yours. And you were right about one thing – this Boulevardier is just what I needed. Thank you.