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17 December 2018

Rising to the occasion

When people ask me what my cuisine is all about I prefer to answer that it is a very straightforward and down to earth approach I adopt. For me bread is bread and wine is wine. Perhaps my answer is simple and to the point but I myself am of this type. Here in the hotel I have the opportunity to express what I believe in and what is essential to me. I love to cut fillets and sirloins and combine them with something such as scampi or black truffle or a simple cabbage salad or mashed potato dish. It seems that guests respond well to my many combinations. Another aspect of my cuisine philosophy is not to waste anything and to use all. Liver is useful for dumplings and bones can always be boiled to add to the flavour of a sauce base. I guess my attitude goes back to when I was at home with Mum and Dad, and mum always made sure we used up all. By the way, it is interesting to note that my Mum is Ladin and my father, he a chef too, is from Puglia. You could say that from when I was young I learned how high the mountains are and how deep the oceans are! Yes, my cuisine is an expression of my background and upbringing and my dishes seem to rise to the occasion.

Even at the top, the dishes fly very high, like today's star-studded brunch.