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29 December 2018

I really like the Stüa

See how fine the linen is, admire the candlesticks, wonder at the intricate stitching of the curtains. And there is more besides to cast one’s eye on – the shining crystal, the fresher than fresh flowers, the presence of wood, the antique feel all around. It is well worthwhile to take in the beauty of the table in in all its brilliance, attention to each spoon, each fork, each perfect napkin. And what fine chairs, backs straight and bound in fine material. I must mention of course the wine bottles, for it is here that my knowledge lies, my fascination, and I like to think my expertise. The Stüa de Michil is a composition of two stuben from the 1600s, they faithfully and artfully reinstalled. Since the moment I became responsible for the Stüa I have felt of it as I would my home, almost a little possessive, and with a very dear affection. I really am proud of this Stüa and wish to care for it in the best possible way. Even when empty and at rest it has an enchanting air of silence and grandeur about it and when guests are here it assumes ever such an elegant guise.