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19 December 2018

HAL 9000 is here with us

Do you remember HAL 9000, the fantastic supercomputer in the Kubrick 2001 film Space Odyssey? You know, the one that said in a metallic voice that he liked to work with people and that he had a direct and interesting relationship with Dr Poole and Dr Bowman. His responsibilities covered all of the spaceship’s operations, and therefore he was constantly involved. He said he used the skills he had in the most complete way and that he thought that this was the most noble thing that a thinking mind could aspire to. Well, we have one like him in one of our rooms! Have a look at the photo if you do not believe it! (smile). We have dressed him in Tyrolean style of course and we feed him on supplies of wood. His mission is to warm the atmosphere and create the most pleasant ambience. He is very well educated and has been instructed not to disturb guests, although it has to be admitted that he does have a tendency to talk now and again! All in all he is quite shy and reserved, although occasionally he is a little presumptuous, especially when he declares that he is never capable of making a mistake!