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18 December 2018

Christmas is on its way

There’s no getting away from the fact. Christmas is fast approaching and excitement is all about. It is a contagious sort of mood and nobody is spared. Just as if a switch had been turned on, one and all seem to be happier, more considerate, more careful of our actions, more sensitive and more available to help others in any circumstance. Here at La Perla there is no hiding from the festivities – our uniforms are brighter, our smiles are wider, and we move in an even more graceful and enthusiastic manner. Guests seem to have appetites as never before and we are happier than ever to satisfy every wish. And then again, there is movement behind the scenes and some of the magnificent decorative items are put on show. Ernesto Costa has certainly found a work or two of art in his time, and as you might imagine some are ideal to go on show at the Christmas period. Yes indeed, here at La Perla there is the will to celebrate and share many moments together, and you dear guest will discover that seeing is believing.