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06 December 2018

A smile says many a thing

Anni & Ernesto

The most captivating thing about them is their smile. Their smile is always with them. Anni’s is a light tender smile as if a happy flower in the meadow was shining bright. Ernesto’s is more of a vulcanic eruption. Their story is like a tale of the seasons. First the sons, then the sons’ wives, then the grandchildren... and the Sassongher mountain is there to witness all. The interests of Anni and Ernesto are many: songs, flowers, collections many (motorbikes, keys, clocks, wines, dishes and vases), the hunt for old wooden stube and furniture in farmsteads around. If at La Perla there is a sense of home, then most of it is down to Anni and Ernesto, and their smiles remain ones of great joy and both of interest and concern for every guest who passes their way.