This is not a cliché.

Every day a new story
03 January 2021

A part of the world around us

When certain elements find their equilibrium in a space it really does seem that perfection does exist. A white wall, a blue window at the middle, a shadow thrown and creating a perfecly formed pyramid of sorts, the surface made of perfectly natural material, and then there is she, yes she right at the heart of our attention. A slight smile, a stomach slightly swollen, the skirt slightly torn, and the school blouse proudly worn. It takes very little at times to understand that there is more to this world than that which exists immediately around us, the one we know so well and which we pay heed to every day. There are other worlds further away and at times we do little to comprehend them, to stay a little closer to them, and to realise what they might mean and what they might gift to us.