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10 August 2019

We just love the bends

On long summer days it is nice to fall in love with the never-ending hairpin bends. Every bend higher up, wondering if the time that passes resembles a blind beggar who is moping the future.

On long summer days it is nice to leave the frustrations of everyday life to imagine you are Coppi, Merckx, Fignon, Indurain, or Pantani alchemy corroborated by the rarefaction of the air.

On long summer days, the hairpin bends seem to be the reminder of a sequence of memories harnessed in cobwebs as sharp as blades.

On long summer days it is nice to flirt with the hairpin bends hoping to see something beyond the pleasure and hope that the sky remains immense and blameless and does not get grey.

On long summer days it is nice to approach the hairpin bends and reflect on times past, but without dwelling too much, for sometimes it is better to keep nostalgia at a distance.

On long summer days it is nice to climb up towards the sky alone. Suddenly, fatigue is no longer a nuisance, but it is the cars and motorbikes which are. How nice it would be if there was more silence, more respect, a break, a truce to so much consumption.

On long summer days it is nice to reach two thousand metres, when the hairpin bends are stretched in short straights suspended over the meadows and the whistle of the groundhog disturbs the silence in a dry greeting. Effort is no easy game, sweat wets the water bottle inserted in its frame and a minimal joy warms the heart.

On long summer days it is nice to conquer the hairpin bends and discover yourself as an illusionist without illusions and rid yourself of certain thoughts by wrapping them in a knotless handkerchief.

On long summer days it is nice to say farewell to the hairpin bends and imagine yourself as a Houdini on a bicycle and use the vision of the mountains to deceive a non-existent public and ask yourself if you can trust your eyes and ask yourself if nature creates false sublimes or not. After all, isn't there the most violent of the worlds behind those splendid massifs?


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