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29 August 2019

The mountains of the world

Walking in the mountains is a great gift. Step by step it detaches us from reality to enter that alpine world where it is possible to consider the marginal or even extreme situations of life and find ourselves in a dimension of freedom and peace, of love between all forms of reality and life, capable of bringing different cultures into dialogue. This can be in the Dolomites, in Tibet, on the Andes, in the Pyrenees, on the slopes of Mount Olympus, on Kilimanjaro, on the Alps or on Mount Kinsley, in the Tassili degli Adjer or in the Atlas mountains, in fact wherever the earth begins to rise. Wherever you start, you can discover the spiritual meaning in everything that is natural: from the colourful flowers of our Dolomites to the frugal industriousness of the mountain communities of the Cordillera.
Today, the mountains are at an inexorable crossroad: becoming a province of the plain, as in fact has been happening for decades, and at best a museum-park for citizens, or inventing and experimenting with a model of development that knows how to reconcile the protection of the environment with the claims of the economy, the specificity of the Alps with tourism, tradition with modernity. The future of all the mountains in the world, and therefore our future as inhabitants of this planet, depends only on whether we are able to travel the second road with foresight and intelligence. Come on, let's set out on the road.