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27 August 2019

The Dolomites, World Heritage

Ten years have passed since the Dolomites were declared a World Heritage Site. This was an important recognition, perhaps late in coming, and it should have given the impetus to new actions focused on the protection not only of this magnificent landscape, but also of its increasingly fragile eco-system. Perhaps not everyone knows that the so-called 'heritage' starts from an invisible line that surrounds the atolls of the Dolomites and is located two thousand metres high. Is it worth saying that from two thousand metres upwards everything is fine and from two thousand downwards, the contrary is true? After ten years, we have to ask ourselves what the proclamation of UNESCO has been for, a foundation that never takes a position, that seeks continuous dialogue with those who scream more, highly politicised and certainly not at the level of operation it should be: a mark of protection of the territory. They have served to have 10% more land occupied. They served the marketing of those who promote our territory to put a beautiful flagship on their profits. Yes, the Dolomites are a World Heritage Site, but what kind of humanity are we talking about?