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21 August 2019

Round and round the bar

Our bar runs from morning till night. It turns with the passing of the hours. It turns like the earth around the sun. The large wooden counter is also circular, just like the seats that are dotted around and the tables then rotate around it like small planets. In the morning, the bar is a place for hot brioches and homemade cakes. The cappuccino is served is a form of art in its own right. A little later on the bar turns towards South Tyrolean cold cuts, eggs with speck, natural juices and first-class sparkling wines. At lunchtime, the bar is the launch pad for the Bistrot activity. But the guest or passenger in transit who wants a coffee, an aperitif, or something stronger should not worry: behind the bar there is always someone on hand and ready to satisfy every desire. That is why there is always life around the bar. Here there is every chance to meet folk and just pleasantly relax. And of course we try and spoil you as much as we can. The afternoon is a succession of fragrant teas, herbal teas, hot chocolates in winter and fresh natural infusions in summer, and is always a small menu thought of for those who want to eat without waiting for dinner time. Also, there are ideas for quick snacks, cakes and small freshly baked pastries. Newspapers and magazines are in the adjacent fireside room - this room the favourite of many. When the day turns into the evening, the activity becomes feverish. The aperitif at the La Perla bar is something special. Everyone knows it, not just our guests. And so out come the Bostons, the ice buckets, the crystal glasses: it's time to shake. The music goes on, the good mood is in the air and one and all can feel it. The a la carte dinner at the Bistrot is ready on the table and can only end with a classy nightcap, or perhaps a cocktail, or whatever takes your fancy. We have most things here and what we do not have we invent!