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20 August 2019

One thousand and one motorbikes

There are so many of Ernesto's bikes that we do not know where to put them anymore. And if every bike has its own story, then we never stop telling any of them here. We could start with the German NSU of 1946, or with the Guzzi Airone Superalce, or the Harley Davidson, or the Galletto, or the Capriolo, or the BSA, or the Moschito, or the Lambretta, and then go on forever because in this huge garage, transformed into an authentic museum of motorcycles, you know when the feeling of amazement starts but you never know when things will cease to amaze. One thing for sure is that it is nice to hear Ernesto start telling about that bike and his enthusiasm is such that you know he is telling you a little bit about a part of his life. There are one hundred and twenty of them, all working, all beautiful. And when you get close to red Java, a Czechoslovak motorcycle that could still take you around the world, the words of Cochi and Renato's song about motorbikes, 'Hh look what a bargain it is, it's a bike fit for a champion'. Yes, it is true also that Ernesto would not have looked out of place between those two singing, playing, dancing and telling tales of adventures actually experienced - motorbiking adventures of course!