This is not a cliché.

04 August 2019

Mondeval is a world apart

Here in the hotel we have a guide to accompany you on excursions. His name is Anatoli. He guides you with a sure step around the Dolomites to discover many wonders. One of these is Mondeval, one of the most beautiful places in the Alps. It is a place to get to in a leisurely way, starting from Val Formin and on to the fork of the same name. Val Formin is just a refreshing appetiser for your day ahead. Dominated by the Croda da Lago massif, the air you breathe here is pure 'Dolomitic' air which spreads through the woods and the very rocks themselves. Near the fork we recommend a little detour: turn right and reach the boundary of the valley. Below you there will be a precipice and in front of you, you will have the whole world! Here you can meet the chamois that run and run into the distance. The landscape is just awesome. After passing Formin Pass, a descent begins which is the gateway to a world apart: the world of Mondeval. The name itself is a promise of wonder, and here a wide plateau stretches before you bounded by the Beak of Mezzodì, the Pelmo massif, the Rocchette, the Croda da Lago, the Lastoni di Formin, Mount Cernera and the Corvo Alto. It is the atmosphere that you breathe in which makes this place unique. If there are remote places in the world where you can make amazing discoveries, this is one of them. Everything here is of a certain primordial energy. The rocks are scattered on the meadows, as if the result of some catastrophic moment. The amphitheatre of the mountains, with the solitary Beak of Mezzodì acting as a sentinel, delimits an atavistic proscenium that cannot leave one indifferent. And it is in these meadows at an altitude of two thousand metres that the tomb of a prehistoric hunter who lived about seven thousand years ago was discovered. Next to the skeleton, placed in a supine position, archaeologists found a large amount of chipped stone objects, bone tools and ornaments, deer teeth and, mixed with the soil, numerous bone remains of animals. The hunter of Mondeval is now kept in the museum of Selva di Cadore, and a really merits a visit. Also worthy of a visit is Mondeval itself, more easily reachable starting from the Giau Pass. It is one of those places where it is easier to understand that nature is not a luxury, but a necessity of man.


Ermes Costa