This is not a cliché.

09 August 2019

Listen to the silence

The great composer John Cage, entering a soundproof room, said that absolute silence does not exist. This because the body sounds, vibrates, pulsates. Listening to silence therefore means perceiving the sounds of the body, the heartbeat, the blood that circulates, the lungs that dilate, the muscles that stretch. In our wellness centre we try to encourage guests to relax and follow the harmonious sound of the body in perfect harmony with the nature that surrounds us. Herbs, plants, flowers and fruits combined according to their energetic identity give rise to exciting rituals of beauty and wellbeing. Nature with its energy, its active ingredients, its aromas is contained in the products we use. Also, you can breathe in the vapour of the sauna and bio sauna. The steam of the Turkish bath, also gives us the opportunity to regenerate ourselves after a stroll, a hike, a bike ride. Those who wish have the chance to enter a space, a dimension, in which mind, heart and body can find the right balance and discover the magical sound of silence.
To be well is our objective for you. Nothing else. For you to be in silence and in peace with yourself. In our wellness centre, as our welcome guest, can discover that health and beauty are in perfect harmony.

Eugenia, Spa Manager


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