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12 August 2019

Care of and attention to the individual

There is a wonderful song by Franco Battiato entitled 'La cura'. It's a song about the abandonment and absence of a person you cannot do without. As often happens in Battiato's works, this song takes on the value of a mantra, of a prayer-meditation on the essence of love as a cure and complement of another living being that is a special being. Every person is and can become special if we take care of them through small and large actions that are translated into gestures, in an attention to the other: the other who becomes you.
We live in a fragile world, we are all fragile. At the same time we can be strong. A force that, if well directed, can become synonymous with welcome. A force that can guard our own fragility and that of others and that thus becomes care, not only in the sense of healing, but rather in a broader dimension of sharing common values.
Our hotel is a place where the art of care is cultivated, understood as dialogue, availability, comparison, reflection, respect. We cultivate it every day, trying in turn to take care of our appearance, with passion and dedication. All this, because we are aware that wellbeing is born from caring for others: for this reason we give value to people. Without distinction, and with great pleasure.


Greta Marcolongo&Roberto Tubaro
An unmissable evening!