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08 March 2016

Your surprise dinner is served!

As one season passes us by and we turn our attention to the next let’s celebrate with a dinner like no other.
"Will it snow or won't is snow? It has truly been a long winter season and in our Stüa de Michil we want to celebrate it with a surprise dinner. After it, we'll seek silence to rest and prepare for the summer"
Another winter draws to a close as spring calls. It has been a mild winter with many asking why more snow has not fallen. No need to worry, for the snow is like good wine, and will always make its appearance. Notwithstanding the lack of snowfalls in the early oart of the season the slopes have always been in great condition and there have been many glorious sunny days. Certainly it has been a winter full of surprises and our chef Nicola has also managed to produce a surprise or two. In our Stüa de Michil restaurant Nicola has risen to the occasion and prepared many dishes of the utmost originality and flavour. His pumpkin gnocchi with a Parmisan cheese and piglet delicacy served with a chive mash and soya sauce are just two examples of where his fantasy takes him.
After a hectic and rewarding winter season the restaurant will soon take its much deserved rest and all involved therein will replenish their energies for the summer season. However, before closing for the season, there will be one final and grandiose surprise: on Sunday 27 March we will organise a surprise dinner menu for 25 lucky persons. An Easter surprise! I guess we like to do all in style and throw ourselves into things. As for the menu itself my lips are sealed. In fact I myself only know that there will be ten dishes and that the first will be served in the lounge with the gracious fireplace. My job is to make sure that the champagne is on ice! The chef will tell me no more at present and so even my excitement is building day by day.
And as for the wines? You have guessed it – a surprise as well. However I am more confident to respond well in this instance for my experience in the Stüa has taken me to many a magnificent vineyard – metaphorically speaking of course. This the very secret of fine wine – you travel the world without moving from the table. So, as one season passes us by and we turn our attention to the next let’s celebrate with a dinner like no other. The only tip I can give you in conclusion is to not miss out on this super secret special occasion and to book well in advance ... as otherwise there will be no Easter surprise for you.
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Paolo Baraldi