The fascination of this place
is not about what there is
but about what is missing.

This is not a cliché.

March 2017

20 March 2017

The paperless offices

Rather than new offices I would term them as new spaces in which to work, think, exchange on various and generally take the objectives of the hotel forward.
These offices are important. A hotel needs people and people need to know where to operate to do that which needs to be done .. each and every day.
The corridor is a clean clean white. The light is also crystal white. On the walls there are photos of the trips done as part of the work of the Costa Family Foundation. There are also handwritten quotations in a vibrant red. And then there are the paintings of the artists we host and celebrate. Every time I pass through the glass door to make my way to my working room silence reigns and my thoughts take on a different dimension. Yes, we have established that silence should prevail in the working area. I like silence. Maybe it is because I These offices are important. A hotel needs people and people need to know where to operate to do that which needs to be done .. each and every day. myself am a little withdrawn and am of few words or may be it is because silence wraps me in a mood in which I can immerse myself and get on with the day ahead. My day starts with the recognition of all around me. I notice the way my colleagues arrive and move around. Merch is always in a hurry, Petra is always light on her feet, Pio is surefooted, Lisa has a long and elegant stride, whilst Andy, who works alongside me, has a real montain style gait. I like to think also that beyond the walls and not far away at all there is my brother. Nicola is the head chef here and it is comforting to know that we are under the same roof, even if we are well grown up and in many aspects of life we have gone our own ways. At the end of the corridor is the meeting room, it having a a fine table, glasses and water ready for the next neeting, and is set off by windows all around and with great views of Sasslongher. The meeting room is sometimes used by companies who bring their staff along to the hotel so they are able to work effectively and enjoy the pleasures of the hotel and the surrounding area. A good idea I find as it also adds a bit of spice to the working environment. Unfortunately from my room I see the carpark but I guess cars are indispensable and somewhere they need to be parked! Occasionally my gaze fixes on the yellow cabins of the nearby lift system as they go up and down. They seem like model creations and the skiers inside like ants looking out on a white world. Undoubtedly these offices and the fine working sace created are a valuable addition to the hotel – after all a hotel needs people and people need to know where to operate to do that which needs to be done .. each and every day. There is another rule which applies in these offices, and that is that there should be no waste of paper. Yes, we are paperless, or perhaps better put we use the minimum of paper and if we must really use it then at the end of the working day it must disappear from view. Luckily I am an orderly type and the rule creates me no great problem. Imagine however the discipline required by those who are dealing with documents, filing systems and numbers all day long. Certainly it is true that when an outsider enters this area they are taken back by the fact that there is not a sheet of paper to be seen on the tables. They probably ask themselves from what world we staff have come for we might seem like martians to them. I must admit that I like it when laughter breaks out for although silence has its meris we should not deny the spontaneity of a healthy interchange. The essential point however is that the new office area has allowed the people here to develop their thinking. The order of the place and the general ambience has fostered the condition whereby new thoughts are emerging, just like the crocus which springs from the snow, and these thoughts and ideas are taking the work and development of the hotel forward in a dynamic fashion, and also adding to the profile and personality of ourselves as individuals. Do not get me wrong, for the colleagues here are all commited and willing individuals. It is just that sometimes I think of the world around and when I reflect on things such as youth unemployment, workers rights in general, the persons who must migrate to find not just a job but a glimmer of hope for the future, it is then that I shiver and shake. My thoughts take me to look out of the window. Those yellow cabins are still going up and down and up and down. This world really is full of contradictions. The telephone rings: “Hotel La Perla, Fabian speaking, how may I be of help?”.