The fascination of this place
is not about what there is
but about what is missing.

This is not a cliché.

December 2013

02 December 2013

So far, yet so near.

They are born poor. They live in misery and die as they were born: poor. They bring many children into the world, hoping that one day they themselves will be able to provide for them. In the majority of cases this never happens. Why not? Because also the children, who are born poor will know only misery in their lives.
Rigidity in social systems and entrenched inequality are the real problems of humanity. In Africa they live in mud-huts, in India and in China in sweat shops. They are nothing but helpless souls condemned to a life of suffering, confined to warehouses and imprisoned just like animals ready to be sent to the abattoir. Their only future is to be exploited to the full and without any chance of a better life. All is consequence of an inhuman economic system, which ignores the fundamental human rights, subjecting millions of human beings to despair as they are used in an attempt to achieve the aims of the usurpers. A closed system, an infernal sort of machine, which responds only to the requirements of finance, with one objective in mind: to enrich the rich even more. Even Adam Smith, the first true economist, was careful to the element of social psychology. He knew well that concepts such as market, justice, and community are inextricably linked; that the biggest crime of the economy is to compromise the balances of social organisation.
“People believe the lies no longer, it is impossible to rule in this way”, a famous African dictator said a few years ago. And why are millions of people still believing in the lies of the new capitalist economy? How have we got to this state of affairs? Various are the possible explanations, as many are the possibilities to contribute to a little fairer world.
We too are doing our utmost to contribute. Our Costa Family Foundation was set up in 2007 and since then we have completed important projects, several minor ones for 10, 20, 30 thousand Euros, but also larger ones such as the expansion of the girl’s boarding school in Dharamsala, for a total of 125,000 Euros. We follow these initiatives meticulously, thanks to trusted friends who give every support, even organising fundraising evenings at their home. In this way the circle of sustainers to the Costa Family Foundation continues to grow, sensitive and considerate persons helping others in that wonderful world far away, which at times seems distant, remote, and almost a fiction. However and yet again, everything is linked. Our destiny and that of the desperate persons in the southern parts of the world are close to each other. With a relatively small amount of money at all, one can assist in providing better education to children by creating a “green school” for example, or by giving a donation towards piglets to be raised by families and create a self-sufficient system on animal farming in the villages. We support Suor Patrizia in Togo and Alessandro in Moroto. Originally from Bergamo, he has lived there for 10 years, married a local Karimojong-girl, and they are now expecting their third child. Small gestures, which give a sense of hope to them and a great satisfaction to ourselves.
We try to reunite concepts such as market, social justice and community. We do not want to impose our economic model or our way of life on them. We give a contribution to their everyday, making it a little simpler. Trough our knowledge for sure, but just as an adviser. We work together with the local people, taking good care of not disturbing the local equilibrium.
Until now the Costa Family Foundation has raised 391,000 Euros for the projects carried out. All donations and spending have been documented, invoices checked, and location visited.
At present we are restructuring 3 further schools in Karamoja and a silo in Mukono. These ongoing projects will cost a total of 63,000 Euros. We are 40,000 Euros short at the moment. We want to collect them within 5 months. We are determined to do so. We want to give continuity to our projects. Are you able to join us?
Make this Christmas more beautiful than ever before, at times just a little effort is required. A smile for the ones who read, one for the ones who have nothing to read, and an even bigger one for whom has not yet learned to do so. Yes, we are sure, thanks to our commitment together, those children will learn to read. And when they will, their smile will reward us a thousand and thousand times again.
Giulan. Thank you.

Give a smile for Christmas!:

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