This is not a cliché.

Every day a new story
01 February 2017


Dear Guests, I have a fabulous story to tell of. It is one of those stories which have come about unexpectedly, like a flash thunderstorm in summer erupts from the sky, producing rain from sunshine in little more time than it takes to blink.
Whilst Ernesto was determined to never leave Corvara, for other than short breaks, Anni continued to harbour thoughts about the wonderful thermal waters in the large pool of Bagno Vignoni.
Listen to the tale I tell: once upon a time there were two young attractive girls from Tuscany, they full of life and with a love of climbing and who visited the Dolomites with enthusiasm. The local ‘lads’ were keen to accompany them no doubt. We are speaking about the sixties, those times full of dynamism and love stories which were not constrained by the old Tyrolean adage of “Ladins shall marry only Ladins”. In among the group of enterprising local youths was my father Ernesto, he a plumber in the summer months and a jolly ski teacher in the winter season. This combination allowed him and others like him to live a carefree youth, to earn a good shilling or two in an area which only a few years previously had known only poverty and hard times. Yes, these were the years when the young men could think to buy their first motorbike, buy trendy clothes, and enjoy a passing adventure or two. However, in the case of my father the old Tyrolean adage came back to bite. He met my mother, they married, and they opened La Perla: my grandmother did the cooking, my mother did the rest; from the outset things went well, full of energy as they were. My father remained a ferment of energy; singing and entertaining the guests in our Club 44, a venue which soon acquired a following, the irresistible Gegè di Giacomo on the drums and Nino Benvenuti one of the many guests. It really was a night spot which hit the highs. It was also a time when my parents began to travel a lot. They often went to Montalcino and the area around. They had friends there, and father enjoyed the good wine. They discovered Bagno Vignoni; given the season in Corvara was quite short they had a thousand and one ideas and they dreamed of developing their business interests in Tuscany. Whilst Ernesto was determined to never leave Corvara, for other than short breaks, Anni continued to harbour thoughts about the wonderful thermal waters in the large pool of Bagno Vignoni. At times, we prefer to keep a pass away from things and persons we know not well, perhaps because we are timid, prudent, have a lack of knowledge. Sometimes we even think we are not up to it and keep a distance from the place or person, or simply the years pass by and we put things behind us. Then again there are other times when things happen which may not seem to have a particular significance but which in time show themselves to be decisive indicators of a reality to come. And often there is a web of circumstance and coincidence, even an affinity between protagonists. Not wishing that this tale becomes too long and complex I will try to remain on track and come to the point. Let’s go back to Val d’Orcia: surely one of the most beautiful corners of Italy with a history which goes back to the end of the 9th century, but for our purposes has 1956 as a crucial moment in time. 1956 was the year when the Albergo Posta Marcucci took on its present structure. In the same year, La Perla came into being here in Corvara. Pure coincidence perhaps? Near Bagno Vignoni is Santa Caterina. The small church close to La Perla is dedicated to the same saint. Opposite Posta Marcucci is Il Barrino, a two-floor structure and where much good music is played. It had once been the old-school premises. Opposite La Perla there is not only Murin – our equivalent of Il Barrino – but there is also the old school of the village, a building which I and my wife now regard as our Corvara home when we are free of our La Perla duties. There are too many the similarities, too many the indicators: we decide to take the plunge. The hotel Posta, which until a few months back was in the hands of the Marcucci brothers, they the grandchildren of the original owners, those very two sisters whom Ernesto led in the mountains, and who with love and personality created the incomparable atmosphere which is much appreciated from north to south of our Italian peninsula - the antique furniture, fine paintings, objects displayed with tender care, long drapes in the spacious rooms which gift a noble ambience. Yes, all of this will take on a Ladin look, or should I better say a Tuscan-Ladin look for the roots will forever be Tuscan. And so it is. We are embarking on a Tuscan adventure because we have a great enthusiasm to learn. Just like a thread which will not snap we will commence our activity in April 2017 and extend the thread a little further but without wishing to change anything of a fundamental nature – only to prolong the thread with great joy, tact, a certain simplicity and with a good dose of energy. Each time we learn something new we ourselves are renewed. We shall continue to learn thinking of the new things to do. Some will be attracted by the renaissance garden, others by the old tennis court now new once again, as will be the bowls area. Posta Marcucci will have its essential features back in place. The outlandish idea my parents once had is now to become reality. And we cannot say that it is a tale which is just similar to a flash thunderstorm of summer. It seems that this place in Tuscany has called us as a question of destiny. And we willingly answer and will continue to do great things and enjoy ourselves in this marvellous land, home of poets and singers: Val d’Orcia, one World Heritage, calls the Dolomites, another World Heritage. We shall continue to demonstrate that the beautiful things of a time gone by have a great value in this day. The value of things cherished in time is unquantifiable and to waste it, to lose it, damage it, is the worst sin one could commit. We look forward to welcoming you in Val d’Orcia: we hope you will enjoy your time, discover why appreciation of time is important, to cherish it and to enjoy yourself too!