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15 December 2016

Batadú: the more you play it the more good it does you!

Among the spare time course offered to staff is one dedicated to the most popular of cardgames as practised in the valley taverns and bars.
The season is long and many staff come from far away, and it is important to come up with ideas so that time spent is not just work and work alone.
One might easily think that the working season in a hotel is almost ritual in nature: welcomes, restaurants, breakfasts, spa treatments, the bar, and nothing more besides. However it is not really as dull and routine as it may sound for we staff. Behind the scenes in our hotel there are lots of activities and initiatives which go on and are aimed principally at we staff. Yes, the season is long and arduous and many of the staff come from far away, and it is important to come up with ideas so that time spent is not just work and work alone. It is importnat that staff get to know each other well, have some downtime and have some fun too. Apart from the job related courses on safety, professional standards, supplier relationships, we have come up with moments which got from learning more about the hostory of rock to the intrigue of batadù. Never heard of batadù? Well, let me explain. It is a cardgame which is widespread in Ladin valleys. It is that type of classical game which is played in the taverns, the bars, even at home. Once upon a time it was really popular and nowadays it is living something of a revival. It is fascinating to see the younger element playing it as their grandfathers once did – even more so when considering that there is so much dependence on the smartphone in these times we are living. And so it has come about that I was asked to organise a course of batadù here in the hotel, so as to teach colleagues this great Ladin game which has a lot of fantasy, intuition, and general geniality involved in it. In this sense it is no greatly different in characteristic from other cardgames but it has some striking differences. First is that the type of cards and their illustrations are different. There is not your usual suits of spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds but other families and designs. And just to confuse the things the card which is most similar to the jack can either be worth a lot or nothing at all. Ready to learn? The game is played in pairs and signals and words are not allowed – well, the important thing is not to get caught breaching the rules! Should you be interested in learning how to play just let us know the next time you come and it will not be difficult to open this course for staff to guests too. Why not? Alternatively come to Corvara on 25 November when we celebrate Santa Caterina, our village patron. In this occasion there are lots of batadù tournaments and for a beginner it is a great time to be educated in the arts of the game! If I had to choose the best place to watch, learn, and play this game I would choose our very own Ladinia hotel. It is just the right size and atmosphere so that 4 friends playing feel really comfortable, especially if a round of ‘miscele’ is ordered. ‘Miscele’? You have never heard of that either? It seems the only thing for you to do is to go direct to Ladinia and ask Nicolò to serve some ‘miscele’ and a pack of cards will no doubt accompany your order.