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10 November 2016

100% professional and zero pretentious

At work it is not always easy to replace a person with another one as equally valid – one needs some luck and we certainly seem to have had it.
Elisa is from Friuli, and as typical of that area she keeps a low profile concentrating very much on practical aspects and never being presumptious.
When one finds somebody who can contribute greatly to one’s own work one has to be grateful indeed. And when the person in question is young, motivated, passionate, straightforward in way and not at all egoistic the appreciation is even greater. The Gods sometimes smile on us! To meet Elisa has been a great slice of luck for me personally and we here at La Perla. I was looking for someone to replace Michele, to give me a hand in the organisation and serving procedures in our dining room, when she turned up, almost unexpectedly. I was struck by her pleasant spontaneous smile and the youthful enthusiasm she immediately displayed, she only 20. I checked out her curriculum: she was from the ALMA hotel school, the best vocational college as regards Italian cuisine at an international level, and she had gained full marks there – 100 out of 100. Nobody before her had ever obtained such a result. It must have been a wonderful personal satisfaction to her but she did not boast of it. Elisa is from Friuli, and as typical of that area she keeps a low profile concentrating very much on pratical aspects and never being presumptious. She is also super interested in wines and is learning fast. It is essential in our work to have good relationships and with elisa it was easy to establish all from the start. Be it her elegance, her enthusiasm, even her obsession with shoes, she ios always willing to coperate. I think she has learned a lot from her grandmother to whom she is very close, and she shows good spirit in the sense of always being ready to smile and laugh. Maybe she doesn’t drive very well but fortunately she only has a 500 and not a Ferrari. She at times seems a throwback to females of old in the way she has her feet firmly on the ground and is not pretentious in any way. She is certainly the right girl in the right place at the right moment. Let’s hope she stays wtih us for a long time to come. It will be great if she continues to understand more and more about our wine cellars and the wines we have on offer and so as to provide a rreally effective and pleasing service for our customers. It is amazing that the characteristics of simplicity and conviction can produce such a positive effect and may it long continue.